Legit Work From Home Careers

***Disclaimer-Read through the whole site and research the opportunities here very thoroughly before deciding to join one or more than one.  These opportunities are just that…opportunities.  They do not guarantee success and there are risks involved including making no money at all and actually losing your investment (if you join one that requires an investment).  Most of them have a turn key, step-by-step procedure for success…but not even that can guarantee your success.  Your success is up to you and your own individual efforts.

The work from home job site was created to provide you with accurate information in terms of work from home jobs. Work from home jobs are not as easy to find as you think. Most require fees, and have long learning curves that make it almost impossible for you to succeed. We have found several work from home jobs that not only allow you to work from home, and work at home, but also have no fees to start. So whether you are looking to make extra money, start a part time home based business, start a full time online business or you are just interested in making money online…you have found the right site!


Work from Home Jobs fall into different categories, and you have to pick which one allows you to work at home with your skill set.

-Email Marketing-Learning how to make money by Emailing to your own Targeted Lists.  This technique requires Education, patience and a good understanding of your customer.
-Lead Generation-Learning how to use the Web to create online leads for your business or for one of ours.  We have turn step by step instructions in our Real Estate and Bride’s to Be Weight Loss Campaigns
-Affiliate Marketing-Learning how to make money enrolling people into other people’s products.  You don’t have to own Eharmony, CreditReport.com or The University of Phoenix to make money promoting them.  How much money you make is up to your understanding ot Affiliate Marketing and how to Drive Traffic to these offers.  It usually takes a few years to learn this.
-Social Media-Learning how Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and other Networks CAN make you full time income, but ONLY if you learn the strategies and maximize your efforts.  For example, Twitter’s Promoted Tweets will have your Affiliate Tweets show up based on certain Keywords.  YouTube’s Promoted Video’s will have your Video’s show up based on certain keywords.  Same with Facebook!

Listen, work from home jobs are hard to come by. When you find one, you need to hold onto it like gold. It’s important to have multiple streams of income so we highly suggest you do all of them rather than just one. And since they don’t cost you anything, in our opinion, it’s important you try them all.


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“The Work from Home Jobsite has great options for you…after I subscribed, I am using a few of their business opportunities to earn money!  They work, just review them and pick one or more based on your skills!~Che F (704-430-1434)

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Earnings Disclaimer-Some people earn great money with these opportunities, some make no money at all.  Any earnings you see or hear about are the direct result of that persons efforts which does not guarantee you will be successful.  Your success is a direct result of your own efforts!